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My name is Charles Pertwee and I am a photographer based in Miami, Florida. I began my freelance career after assisting commercial photographers having finished degrees in History and Law in London. 20 years later I have not lost the passion for photography and photojournalism in particular.

In that time I have worked in first world cities, third world slums, in steaming jungles, on icy glaciers, in the presence of royalty, in the presence of warlords, slept in 5 star hotel beds and cold train station floors in pursuit of my craft and bring all my experience to bear on each and every shoot, corporate, editorial or personal. 

I am thankful to have garnered a loyal group of international editorial and corporate clients, including Forbes, Bloomberg News, The New York Times, The Guardian, Getty Images, who know that they can depend on me and for whom I work very hard to retain their trust. I am always happy to discuss any projects that you might have, anywhere in the world, either by telephone or by email.

Languages spoken: English, French, Japanese.

Contact Me

+1 (786) 608 5542

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